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Acid wear is caused by stomach acid and certain foods you eat. The acid temporarily softens the enamel of the tooth, and while this is occurring, damage to the enamel may occur. This can cause increased sensitivity, a change in color, transparency around the edges and even small indentations on the surface of the tooth. Reversing this damage isn’t possible, so it’s best to avoid it to begin with.


1. Get help if you’re bulimic. Stomach acid can have very damaging effects on the teeth, so getting the help you need for your eating disorder is imperative.

2. Learn what foods can cause acid wear. Fruits and their associated juices (lemons are the worst), wine, salad dressing, caffeinated drinks and soft drinks are the typical offenders. Avoid holding these foods in your mouth for long periods of time, and don’t swish an acidic drink around in your mouth.

3. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water keeps saliva production at proper levels; saliva effectively neutralizes acid left over in the mouth after eating.

4. Eat cheese or another dairy product after consuming something acidic. This also helps neutralize the acid and helps restore calcium to the teeth as well.

Tips & Warnings

1. Use a straw to drink acidic drinks. This reduces the amount of the drink that touches your teeth.

2. Avoid brushing your teeth for about an hour after eating something acidic. Since the enamel is soft, brushing your teeth can actually do more harm than good.

3. Try using a toothpaste designed to restore enamel.

4. See your dentist on a regular basis. Dentists typically recommend prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) at 6-month intervals.

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