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Cuisine: Japanese
Category: Maki roll
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Rolling time: 5 minutes
Yield: 4 rolls
Difficulty: 1
Cost: $ 9.99

• 2 cups seasoned sushi rice
• 3 oz. julienne cucumber
• 4 shrimp tempura
• ½ cup Imitation Crab Mixture
• 2 pieces Nori seaweed paper

• 4 oz. avocado
• 6 oz. thinly sliced yellow fin tuna
• 6 oz. thinly sliced salmon
• 6 oz. ebi shrimp
• 6 oz. barbecue eel
• 2 cups Unagi sauce (Recipe below)
• 4 oz. Imitation crab mixture (recipe below)

Unagi Sauce:
• 4 oz. sake
• 4 oz. mirin
• 1 oz. sugar
• 1 oz. water
• ½ oz. soy sauce

1. Combine all ingredients in a sauté pan and boil then allow cooling.

Crab Mixture:
• 4 oz. shredded imitation crab
• ½ cup mayonnaise
• 2 tbsp. lemon juice
• 3 tbsp. powdered sugar

1. Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and season to taste.

1. Place a sheet of nori on a bamboo sushi roller.
2. Spread half the rice mixture onto the nori seaweed sheet making one thin even layer all the way from one end to ¾ of the way up the other side leaving the last ¼ of the sheet bare.
3. Flip the roll over on the bamboo roller so the rice is now touching the roller and have the bare section facing your body.
4. Place half of the imitation crab mixture, avocado, cucumber and shrimp in the center of the nori sheet making sure that they stretch evenly from one end to the other in a line that is parallel to your body.
5. Maintain this grip and gently roll the rice away from yourself.

1. Once you have the rice in a roll press firmly along edges to seal the roll in place.
2. Place the slices of fish in an alternating pattern on top of the rice and cut the roll into 8 even pieces.
3. The easiest way to achieve this is to cut the roll first in half and then each half in half and so on until you have 8 pieces.


Cuisine: Japanese
Category: Maki roll
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Rolling time: 5 minutes
Yield: 8 rolls
Difficulty: 1
Cost: $ 6.99

• 2 oz. Salmon, smoked
• 1 Avocado, thick slices
• 4 Imitation Crab or Crab Mix (Kani)
• 4 cups sushi Rice
• 6 Nori (Toasted seaweed)

• ½ cup mayonnaise
• 2 tablespoons sriracha hot sauce
• 1 tablespoon crunch (Fried batter)
• ½ teaspoon masago smelt roe

1. Mix all the sauce ingredients together.
2. Peel an avocado and cut in half, remove the pit, then continue cutting the halves into quarters then into strips.
3. Prepare your imitation crab by breaking the flakes apart. If the imitation crab is in strips then rip one apart in half-length wise.

Rolling Directions
1. Put a full sheet of dried seaweed (nori) on top of the mat, shiny side up.
2. Softly grab a softball sized ball of prepared sushi rice. Lightly place the ball to the left side of the nori and carefully spread the rice evenly from end to end covering the entire sheet.
3. Leave a thin band of non-covered nori at the top. At the edge closest to you place a line of avocado, smoked salmon, and then crab lengthwise onto the seaweed with no more than ¼ of the nori covered. Place your thumbs under the bamboo mat with remaining fingers on top of the ingredients.
4. Lift your thumbs up with the mat and roll it forward with remaining fingers lightly holding the ingredients in place until the mat end touches the nori.
5. Top the roll with the sauce and press lightly then cut the sushi roll into 8 pieces.